Tsukada Laboratory,
Department of Biomolecular Science,
Faculty of Science,
Toho University

Miyama2-2-1, Funabashi,
Chiba, 274-8510 Japan

Tsukada Laboratory

Whispering of ‘Structure’: Decode the function behind the ‘Structure’

Living creatures have acquired beautiful structures through the process of evolution. The structure endows not only biophysical properties but also functional properties to tissues. There are still lots of undiscovered functions behind the structure. In my laboratory, we are studying the mechanisms of tissue formation, breakdown, and remodeling using Japanese eel and rodents (mouse and rat).

Graduate Students

We are looking for graduate students who want to study with us!

Contact: takehirotsukada(at)sci.toho-u.ac.jp


2017/12/2 Tsukada: Toho University extension lecture 'The things to do before eels go back to the ocean' in 'Homeostasis and wonder of living creature'.
2017/10/21 Tsukada&Toneri: Oral Presentation in 44th Annual meeting of Japanese Neuroendocrine Society (Kanagawa)
2017/8/2-4 Tsukada&Toneri: Present a paper in 32nd Annual Conference of Japan Society of Pituitary Research, entitled ‘The effect of TGFß on TtT/GF cells: A large scale proteome analysis utilizing SILAC’. We got the Best Presentation Award!! This work investigates differentiation capacity of a non-endocrine mouse pituitary cell line and found that TGFß reinforces pericyte properties. This is a collaborative project with Meiji University, Kyorin University, and Jichi Medical University.
2017/4/3 New lab member!
2017/3/27 Our paper was selected for journal cover image (Journal of Endocrinology)!