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Inaugural Address

As the newly elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Japan Society of Low Temperature Medicine,it is my great pleasure to present this inaugural address.
Founded in 1974,the JSLTM has now experienced thirty years as an innovative society of medicine and biology. While it is now in its prime,we welcome more members in good standing. The transfusion of autologous blood,the transplantation of autologous bone marrow,allogenic cord stem cells and tissues has resulted in the discovery of unique approaches and breakthroughs for cryopreservation that have been reported upon at annual meetings of the Society and published in our official journal,Low Temprature Medicine. Cryosurgery and even regenerative and minimally invasive medicine that stands in the forefront of modern medicine in the world today can be traced to the activities of the JSLTM.
On behalf of the Society,I would like to express my great gratitude to the previous Chairman,Dr. T. Miyazaki. Dr. Miyazaki,Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine at Hokkaido University was the first Chairman of the Board of Directors and contributed immensely to the JSLTM. Under his leadership,the Society expanded from a small research society to the present one. Because of his distinguished service to the Society,Dr. Miyazaki has been appointed as an Honorary Member of the Society.
It is my great honor that I have been inaugurated as the present Chairman of the Board of Directors at the thirty first Annual Meeting of the JSLTM held in Sapporo,November 2003. Today,on this epoch-making occasion,I should like to outline my program for the future of our Society.
JSLTM is perhaps an unparalleled medical society in Japan in that it investigates treatment of diseases by a trinity of approaches: cryopreservation,cryosurgery,and cryoimmunology as exemplified on the logo of the cover of our journal,Low Temprature Medicine. It is also gratifying and true that the Japan Society of Low Temperature Medicine has been the original proponent of regenerative and minimally invasive medicine with the active participation of foreign editors,the papers published in our journal,Low Temprature Medicine, are frequentiy cited worldwide by international researchers.
During my tenure as Chairman,I have selected three ambitious plans for the future development of the Japan Society of Low Temperature Medicine:
  1. The Society should become more international in character through active collaboration with the Society for Cryobiology,the International Society for Cryosurgery,the International Institute for Refrigeration,as well as other related domestic and international scientific societies. As such it will be necessary to public our Journal Low Temprature Medicine,in English in order to introduce our current studies in cryomedicine to a broader international scientific and medical audience.
  2. The Society should create fourteen distinct commissions, each of which would have a strong interaction with other related societies in our country and others as well. Each Commission should be unique. The responsibility of each Commission should be based on the principle to treat diseases by the application of low temperature medicine and technology.
  3. In the near future, the Society should assume the important task of training specialized and professional physicians and technologists trough workshop and formal academic courses. For such an undertaking, it will be necessary for medical and academic facilities and hospitals to be affiliated with the Japan Society for Low Temperature Medicine
The JSLTM is now at a critical point regarding its future long term survival. I look forward to the continued support of all of the members of the Society and I shall continue to personally devote my efforts to make our Society an even more outstanding scientific and medical organization.
Sajio Sumida
Chairman, Board of Directors
Japan Society for Low Temperature Medicine.