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The 43rd Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Low Temperature Medicine


“Cryomedicine 2016”

Date October 17-18, 2016, Tokyo, Japan.
Location Japan Institute of Sports Sciences
President Michiko DOHI
Medical Center, Japan Institute of Sports Science
TEL. +81-3-5963-0211
Venue: Japan Institute of Sports Sciences,
Venue: Japan Institute of Sports Sciences,
3-15-1, Nishigaoka Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0056, Japan. Tel. +81-3-5963-0211,


Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) is located in Nishigaoka Kita-ku, north-west part of Tokyo.
From Tokyo Station to JISS: Take the JR Line to Akabane Station. (15−20 min), then take Kokusai Kogyo Bus to Kokuritu Nichigaoka Kyogijyo (10 min):
From Otemachi Station:Take the Toei Mita Line to Motohasunuma Station. (22 min.).

Toei Mita Line

10-min. walk from Exit A1 of Motohasumuma Station.

JR Saikyo Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line, Keihin Tohoku Line and Utsunomiya Line, or Takasaki Line

Exit the train at Akabane Station and take a Kokusai Kogyo Bus. Gate #4 Take the bus for Ikebukuro Eki Higashiguchi or Nichidai Byoin. Exit the bus at Nishigaoka Kyogijo Kitamon. Gate #4 is an approx.3-min. walk from the bus stop.
Gate #5 Take the bus for Nishigaoka Kyogijo (Akabane Shako). Exit the bus at Nishigaoka Kyogijo. Gate#5 is an approx.3-min. walk from the bus stop.


For all information regarding “CRYOMEDICINE 2016”, contact Office of Cryo’16, Michiko Dohi, Medical Center, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences. 3-15-1, Nishigaoka, Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0056, Japan. Tel. +81-3-5963-0211, E-mail: jsltm_43@jpnsport.go.jp
Detailed information on application will be available on this website in near future

Near-by hotel to the venue will be.

Hotel Mets Akabane

1-1-76 Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 115-0045
Phone: 81-3-5939-0011, Fax:81-3-5939-0015


Toyoko Inn Tokyo Akabane-eki Higashi-guchi Ichiban-gai

Address: 3-2-2, Akabane Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0045 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)3-5939-1045 Fax: +81-(0)3-5939-1046
We would like to recommend you to reserve hotel room through the web site at your earliest convenience.


The official conference language

The official conference language is English and Japanese.

The scientific program

The scientific program will cover the following main topics:
  1. Mechanisms of cryo-injury from basic research to clinical application.
  2. Interdisciplinary approaches of cryosurgery for malignant tumor.
  3. Image-guided cryosurgery.
  4. New aspects in a minimally invasive destruction of malignant tumor. 
  5. Cryoimmunosurgery using novel adjuvants.
  6. Long termed cryopreservation of cells, tissues and organs
  7. Autologous blood transfusion to completely exterminate the side effects.
  8. Comparative study of tumor ablations by cryosurgery, radiofrequency, laser and others.
  9. Cardiac cryosurgery as a minimally invasive approach.
  10. Cryotherapy in a sport medicine including cryo-sauna.
  11. Regenerative cryosurgery in dermatology
  12. Contributions of cryomedicine for regenerative medicine.
  13. Post-cryosurgical syndrome, so called cryo-shock.
  14. Life and death at low temperature in the 21st Century.
  15. Future of cryomedicine

Special symposia

  1. Technology, clinical application and evidence-based medicine in cryosurgery
  2. Cryotherapy in a sport medicine

Time Schedule

Abstract submission has been closed.

Deadline for submission of abstract: June 30, 2016

Letter of acceptance and receipt of manuscript guidelines: August 16, 2016.


Scientific and commercial exhibits will be organized simultaneously at the conference.

Social program

Social program will be arranged for accompanying persons.
Deadline for Abstract Submissions: June 30, 2016.

For non-Japanese participants:

Please send their abstract to the secretariat (E-mail address: jsltm_43@jpnsport.go.jp) as Microsoft Word file, less than 200 words including title, author(s), institution(s), and text etc.

The abstract

The abstract should be organized as follows
  • Type the title in capital letters. Omit abbreviations in the title, but you may use them in the text.
  • Include the name, initial, institution, city or country of authors. Underscore the name of the presenting author.
  • Text of the abstract should adhere to the following guidelines:
    Title: make as brief as possible indicating nature of the study, concise statement of the purpose of the investigation, material, methods, results, and summary.
The abstract
Slides and computer simulations of Power Point are welcome.

Registration fees

The congress fees given below include admission, abstract book, lunches on Thursday and Friday, and evening dinner on Thursday.

Registration fees are in Japanese Yen (¥)

Registration fees
Deadline for Advanced Registration: September 20, 2016
Advanced Registration is available (Credit card payment only).
Please provide us with the following items by e-mail. (jsltm_43@jpnsport.go.jp):
Name of the card holder, institution, member/non-member, mailing address, phone/Fax.number, and e-mail address.
We will let you know further information of the payment.