What is “ Il Bosco ” ?


What is “ Il Bosco ” ?

Il Bosco is a mental health rehabilitation unit for people from15 to 30 years old at Toho University School of Medicine. We provide clinical help for those with an “at risk mental state” or with the first episode of psychosis including schizophrenia to prevent transition to serious psychosis.

Early recognition and early treatment is quite important in medical practice. Mental disorder is no exception. It had been considered that mental disorders were hard to be cured. Today, however, many evidences indicate that prognosis is better by far when proper treatment is briefly and intensely done during the so-called “critical period” (5 years from the appearance of disease).

Patients’ willingness to seek and accept clinical help in the early stage is the key to cure mental diseases. However various factors discourage patients from starting treatment. Among them are these two major issues: the stigma of mental illness and the people’s lack of mental health literacy.

While the stigma placed on mental illnesses is a big social problem, the biggest problem is the stigma hidden in individual patient’s mind. The stronger the stigma is, the longer it takes for him/her to pay the first visit to the doctor, thus hampering the early treatment in the initial phase. Nobody fell ill because he/she wanted to. Mental illness may occur to anybody. You may think, “I am the last person to come down with mental illness,” and this kind of preconception would lead to delayed treatment. Are mental illnesses so scary? Are they shameful? What do we know about mental illnesses? When and where have we ever had opportunities to learn about them?

Il Bosco aims at prevention of full blown psychosis and complete cure of mental illnesses in the early stage. We hope you go through our website and learn and understand correctly about the mental health.


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