For the Developmental Integration Between the Eastern and the Western Medicine

Our Clinical Team and Researchers

name Areas of focus
Koichiro TanakaM.D. Ph.D
Associate Professor
Traditional Medicine, Internal Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine, glucose and lipid metabolism, psychosomatic medicine, anthroposophy
Kazuhiko NaraM.D. Ph.D
Teaching Assistant
Traditional Medicine, Internal Medicine, medical history in Japan
Koki ChibaM.D.Traditional Medicine, Pediatrics, allergy, pharmacology
Makoto HashiguchiM.D.Traditional Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Hidetoshi ItakuraM.D.Traditional Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Mihoko TsukaharaM.D.Traditional Medicine, Psychiatrics
Hiroko TakahashiM.D.Traditional Medicine, Ophthalmology
Ken JinnouchiM.D. Ph.DTraditional Medicine, Otolaryngology
Ryudo KawaharaM.D.Traditional Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Takanori MatsuokaM.D. Ph.DTraditional Medicine, Surgery, medical history
Tsukasa FuekiMaster of Pharmacy Phar.D.Traditional Medicine, pharmacology
Masayuki KashimaM.D.Traditional Medicine, Internal Medicine, medical history