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Department of Neuropsychiatry, Toho University School of Medicine
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The department aims active and sophisticated research and ducational activities in neuro-psychiatry.
The Toho University Omori Medical Center locates in the southern part of Tokyo Metropolitan and near to the Haneda International Airport. Our departmental clinic has four divisions in psychiatry with two units of registered psychiatric wards with 18 beds each,
open and closed units.
The divisions are;
Div. General Psychiatry: Head, Prof. MIZUNO Masafumi, MD, PhD
Div, Child-Adolescent Psychiatry: Head, Prof. NAKAMURA Michiko, MD, PhD
Div. Geriatric Psychiatry: Head, Dr. NISHII Herbert, MD
Div. Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: Head, Prof. KATSURAGAWA Shu-Ichi, MD, PhD,
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Correspondence to: Prof. MIZUNO Masafumi, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Neuropsychiatry

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