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Department of Analytical Chemistry,
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science,
Toho University

Miyama2-2-1, Funabashi,
Chiba, 274-8510 Japan



Department of Analytical Chemistry

Professor Takeshi Fukushima Ph.D.
e-mail t-fukushima[insert @]
Lecturer Hideaki Ichiba Ph.D.
e-mail ichiva [insert @]
Assistant Professor Mayu Onozato Ph.D.
e-mail mayu.onozato[insert @]


We have 1 graduate student and 20 undergraduate students.

Following is a message from a foreign student (Shengyang Pharmaceutical Univeristy).

When I first came in Toho University, Professor Fukushima introduced people in the laboratory to me, and at that time, I had sense that I would have a lot of happy memories at here. As a result, in the following days, we saw the cherry blossoms togetother, we had the welcome party happily, we enjoined the volleyball game face to graduate students, we strived together at open campus and so on, everytime I remembered these memories, I felt very pleasure. I thought it was correct that I chose to study here.
Now, it has been almost one year since I had been here. In these times, I learned lots of things, not only on the professional knowledge, but also in the life. Professor Fukushima have a great impact to me on the professional knowledge and the spirit on pursue his studies deeply, and all the assistants are kind and friendly to me, when I had difficult in life or confused in study, they always helped and gave guidance me to do their utmost, they make me feel the laboratory like my own home.